Technical Processing

Cataloging :
All the books catalogued according to AACRII format and computerized catalogue is available.


Library adopt colon classification scheme.
Books are arranged into two sections stack and reference section.

Class No. Subject No. of Books
1 General Knowledge 140
2 Library Science 06
w Biography 193
y Thoughts 19
z Generalia 05
zG Gandhiana 32
zN Nehruana 38
A Natural Science 391
B Mathematics 306
B Computer Science 168
C Physics 108
D Engineering/SUPW 22
E Chemistry 94
F Technology –
G Biology 76
H Geology 01
I Botany 09
J Agriculture 03
K Zoology 08
L Medicine 57
M Useful Arts {Architacture, Sports, Cooking etc.} 51
N Fine Arts {Painting, Music, Theatre etc.} 70
O Literature
O111 English Literature 419+336
O15 Sanskrit Literature 129
O152 Hindi Literature 577+285
P Linguistics 232
∑ Social Science
Q Religion 12
R Philosophy 06
S Psychology 35
T Education 114
Guidance & Counseling Cell Books 64
U Geography 300
V History 283
W Political Science 99
X Economics 153
Y Sociology 12
Z Law 04
CBE Children Books – English 563
CBH Children Books – Hindi 776
NA New Arrivals
KVP K V Publication
RR Reference Books 319
Audio Cassettes


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